Clesse Turner died this a.m.

Dick called shortly after leaving the house to say that Clesse had died this A.M. When he went by the house the front door was open + he saw Jack + Annabel’s car. Alice was up – had been all night. I feel so badly. Called Elaine around 8 to tell her. Waited all morning for the insurance adjustor who never showed. When I called he hadn’t come in so asked him to call tomorrow. Wrote Daddy a long letter. Was very depressed. Went to both banks to deposit money + then went to the Landmark for a while to play 21. Did rather well. Good mindless occupation. Left + ran out of gas. Grand. Got to Alice’s about 3. Lucille there + Pat Moore + Stella Arakalian + Prima Sinatra. Another lady whose name didn’t register. Clesse’s younger brother Earl. They haven’t been able to contact Tom + Pat yet. They’re in Mexico with the children + their boat. Reminded me of trying to reach Daddy + Newcomb when Mother died. Stayed for a half hour or so. Alice still hadn’t slept + was up. Went to office. Seems the $8,000 commercial pool for the trailer park may be in some jeopardy as the zoning hasn’t had final approval. Ritchie hasn’t been in yet with his sales kit. 2 leads came in – George went on one + Marty goes on the other tomorrow. Had some coffee (about 6 cups) + then Dick + I came home. We were both depressed. Life is so short. We sat outside. A storm gathering + the wind high but only a few drops of rain. Had TV dinners outdoors + then went to bed + watched TV. Mary called at 10:30 cold sober with some story of being arrested for felonious drunk driving 4 days ago but they were going to fight it . – a “test case” – Oh Hell. Whatever the case is Mary will never know how incredibly lucky she’s been all through the years on just that count. We watched Samson + Delilah + went to sleep.