We lolled around a bit this morning – I looked over my Masterpool Sales Manual – Driving Dick nuts – we made love, we ate waffles. Dick poured a new threshold for back door. Went to the office after I gave him a shave + Lo! + Behold Marty had just gotten an $8,000 pool. Cash deal. We must do the electric. Dick said okay + he dashed out to sign the contract. The cash is coming from New York so there will be a small delay but it looks golden. A commercial pool for a trailer park. Also Marty has another for Leone – Already approved will be signed tomorrow. We didn’t sell one pool in all July. But we’re starting August off with two. Dick seemed so negative I got upset but we evened it out. He kept saying he hadn’t been worried. Well I had been. We went to see “Cotton Comes to Harlem” – funny film. Back to the office. The contract there + $300 deposit which will cover the engineers’ plans + the permits. The store did $959.00 gross profit last month. A Hundred less than last month. We bought a steak + came home + cooked it. Annabel called this morning to say Clesse was in the hospital with pneumonia. We stopped by their house + left a note + card for Alice + him. I spoke with Peter this am about the quit claim to Alaria. Then mailed it to him. He’s working in a mail order business which I find incredibly depressing. How oddly life works out for us all.