Leisurely type morning – Dick was going to do some work around the house but no tools and Jack had taken his truck on which there were some. We had waffles for breakfast – Special Delivery man brought letter from Mona with receipts from Cedars of Lebanon for Bill Muir – strange as there was no record of any difficulties with Sheldon’s birth. Annabel called to see if I’d heard from Alice – She’d called with no answer. We went to the office + passed the Turner’s house but the garage door was closed so figured they were out. Went to the office. Saw the copy for tomorrow’s ad + the tear sheets. Looks good. I called Mrs. Ballard to say I didn’t think we could make the kind of pool she wants (she seems to want a pre-fab) Went to lunch + saw Bill Muir + his wife Elda. We went to see Patton at the Fox and really liked it. Had planned on coming home to a Roast beef sandwich but instead ate cold cuts. I pored over the Masterpool Construction manual until I knew enough for Dick to answer questions. I’d like to try selling but My God – it’s complicated. Looked at the Sales Manual + it’s full of crappy ways to sell. I tried to draw up a pool plan in the afternoon + just mucked it all up.