Bill’s funeral today.

Dick was off at 6. Back at 8 having tried to find Jack all over the place. Finally ran him down + they left from here for Henderson. I did two loads of laundry + changed our sheet. Called Mona in L.A. + she said she couldn’t get the receipt of Bill Muir’s Cedars of Lebanon Bill. It was nice talking to her. All morning I kept thinking of Bill Wellborne’s funeral. Went to Bank of Las Vegas + paid our loan. Went to the cleaners Drug store + Safeway Back at noon + Wendy still not here. Came about 12:10 + I was mad + said so. (She had called while I was out but still that was around eleven) Called Mr. Oliver + said I thought things were in order. He asked about the checking acct + I said only if there were enough to justify the expense. I washed my hair + got dressed up + went to the Shop. Got the stuff [crossed out word] for the Better Business Bureau + took it to them So they now have a good file on us at least. I said I thought Mr. DiMartini should be reported to the Better People Bureau. Went to see Dave + [crossed out word] had good visit with Marcia. [crossed out word] Dave feels the status quo is best at the time. Back to the shop – the bid went in for the big pool $10,000 high. Marty came back with it + it was reduced – “typing error” – Will take revised bid for $22,000 in tomorrow. George got a call from the man at Chisholm homes + it looks as though the Dr is going to buy. 3 more leads came in yesterday. Dick let Ritchie take one more draw. We came home at 6:20. Dick lay down for a nap. Jimmy Judge came by + we asked him to dinner. Light meal but adequate. He left at 9:30 + we went to bed + watched a little TV. Very tired out. George Garrett’s birthday tomorrow.