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Up early to the phone again. Called Mr. Farrar who is elderly + was muddled when I brought up James Brown’s name. I don’t know how he called me but it must have been via Henry via Ed Fancho Anyway I explained about the will which means nothing + he said it was sufficient for him + he would send the MSS to me first class. Also remarked that there seemed to be “a great many peculiar people in the case.” How true. He said “of course the book is unpublishable” I wonder. Called James Brown + said that was it + thanked him + to bill me. Out of relief I think he said no bill. Called Russell who wasn’t home but spoke with Colby. Mary’s been calling all over the country again. Daddy not there I’m glad. Co told me to send Jessie’s letter to New London. Dick left about 9 to meet an inspector + then after a bit I called Timmy + had a pleasant chat. I took Humbug to the Vets in Boulder City and he was pronounced “Healthy + Happy.” May have a touch of arthritis but otherwise in great shape. Took brief nap + then went to the Show boat + played 21 + Keno. I won $50 which was nice after playing all afternoon. I have the crazy idea that “Bill’s Keno ticket” will come in in a big way – to repay the money + maybe do something with the book – weird? Went to the Shop. Marty may have another pool – Rich – has sold nothing + neither has George Jr. One because he’s sluffing + should be let go – George because so far he hasn’t gotten the knack. Maybe Bill Rehn will help. Huge care pkge from Leon. We ate sandwiches out + came home + lights out by 9:30