Up at 7 + made alot of calls. Called Louis Auchinchloss Who’s on vacation, alas spoke with a Mr. Oliver at the office + didn’t know what I wanted really. Gave him Henry’s number. Then called James Brown who was really quite helpful although depressing in the extreme. Both said “will” doesn’t mean anything in N.Y. beside aside from being a statement of intent 2 witnesses are necessary. Brown knows Mr. Farrar + he suggested I get Mr. Oliver to call him (Mr. Brown) Called Oliver back + it was a little smoother. Minutes later, Henry Avery called hysterical + said he’d had it right up to the fucking ears. Oliver had insulted him. It took some soothing to make it right but I think I did. Henry has decided to have Bill’s coffin left open as a lesson to all the drunks who are going to the funeral. I don’t know. Maybe Bill would like it maybe he wouldn’t. I sent copies of Bill’s invalid will to James Brown + Mr. Oliver with covering letters. Spoke with Shirley who suggested I try to get the book published under another name as Brown had said “a first book by a dead man or anyone over 35 is unpublishable.” Christ. Then went over to Lucille Brown’s + had a nice visit Thence to the Castaways where I gambled + lost. I’ve decided to make a Keno ticket of Bill’s dates + never to play another. Bought some [crossed out letters] peppers + stuffed them + Dick + I had a good + a quiet dinner. Went to bed early + watched TV. Mary called collect + was off again + it got to be too much listening to all that crap. I told her a friend of mine had died + I was depressed enough. She got angry + hung up – Good. It’s all too much too. much too much. Had a call from John Farrar on the service