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Bill Wellborne died at 6 am in N.Y.

Alot of today was horrible, horrible. Tony + Nick over early + Bill Morris stopped by with a card for Dick. Someone to go see. A car drew up from some Messenger Service – phone call from Henry Avery. I called him + learned that Bill had died early this A.M. I told Henry I’d send money to cover any + all expenses. Henry a little unglued + got upset when I said I couldn’t come back – What good my being there would do I’ll never know. Dick was very sweet for a fleeting second + then got angry because I didn’t want to go back to bed – After that I tried 4 or 5 times to get him up + I couldn’t. Finally he left to meet Marty on a pool possibility not talking to me. Bleak + miserable morning. Went to the bank + cashed a check for $500 + then went downtown to Western Union + cabled Henry. Also sent Newcomb a candy gram Went to the Golden Nugget + stayed there all afternoon. monotonous up + down + oddly comforting. At the end I got sick of it + left $20 poorer. Went to the store to Xerox Bill’s will. Dick there + after Shirley helped with the xerox + left I just broke down + told him I couldn’t go on the way we’d been going. It was killing me. Cried + cried. Dick said everything would be all right, but we have to work at it. The pools they went to see about today were big ones about $18,000 for an enormous commercial pool + a jacuzzi I hope we get it. Paul Grube in today + said Murray had wanted a kickback!! And that’s why he was fired – Dick + I went to the Rockinghorse ranch for dinner. There were some people singing + playing the guitar + It was nice. Spoke again with Henry Avery. Bill’s funeral will be at 10:30 AM Friday morning. He bought him a new suit + said he’d notified everyone. Poor Bill – I hope he’s happier now – shit – + I hope he’ll come back someday.