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Dick off at 7 am. I got up + dressed quite a bit later. Went down to the Shop at 10 to see Harold Hanson. Who didn’t come til 11:30. Bill Rehn had done some lovely sketches for Marty. However the first call he went on they wouldn’t let him in the door – and this after a very warm reception yesterday. Dick didn’t come into the office until 3 o’clock. Mr Dwyer had been calling all day as the plasterers didn’t show. Slightly ghastly Monday. I took Russell’s painting “Devote” to a frame shop. Then had lunch with Elaine + Mary Dean. Ostensibly to discuss my book. Forget it. It didn’t come up + there was no way for me to mention it so just sat + made small talk I stayed in the office quite a while. Marty sold a pool. Four leads came in including a big one for 2 pools that Dick + Marty are going on tomorrow. So at least things are looking up from that point of view. I left about 4:30 [crossed out letters] Deposited money in both banks + went to the Safeway. Sudden rainstorm Came home + fixed macaroni + cheese + sausage + green bean casserole for dinner. I did some wash + some ironing. Called the office at 7 and then at 8:00 – Dick waiting for “a Paul from call Grube” obviously been drinking – Finally came home blind drunk with Bill Rehn who took the key to the VW. I didn’t eat with them – just went + sat outside + cried after being told by Dick several times to shut up + go to bed. It’s all like something out of a bad movie – Italian realist school. Blah Blah Blah.