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We were all up early. Winnie packed + ready to go. Dick off by 6:30. Took Winnie to the airport + saw her off a little before 8 o’clock. Came home + called Julia Mullen for an additional $20,000. $15 for the company + the rest to pay off the loans + get appliances for the house on Bonita. Dick home + the phone kept ringing – Mr. Steiner called to say Kent Felix hadn’t shown up for work (his second day – grand) Scotty Haven called to ask me to go down to Juvenile this afternoon + work on macramé. I said I couldn’t. Finally we took the phone off the hook + made love. Shortly afterwards Alice called to invite me over to Lucille’s for a swim. Just what I felt I needed + left when Dick did. Nice time at the pool + then went to the Landmark where I lost some money.