A fairly stupid day. Caught up diary Called the covered wagon re Bill no one there who knew or had heard anything. Paid American Express Co. $155. Sent money to Jim Brown for the garage door. Called Charles Banks to wake him. Went to the bank + deposited Dick’s paycheck + then on down to the Shop for interviews. We set up a card table behind the shelves + it was quite adequate. Kathy Freeman the first to show and we both liked her. Wants to work in a florist. No work available there. Willie Henry came in again with Larry Dehlin. Vicky Hall never [crossed out letters] showed + neither did Jackie Woods or Mary Miller. A frustrating + fruitless morning. Came home at 2. Called Charles Banks – nothing with Mrs. Johnson. Played spite and malice with Winnie + had a good time. She’d finished the refrigerator + was in a lovely mood I think she’s happy to be going home. We called Mather with flight time etc. I paid American express + the door on Lookout Mt. Russell called this am to ask a question about the deed + said they wanted to come out again in September. Ho Ho Called Dick to tell him + he just laughed a little hysterically Dick not home til about 7 – Waited a while for a call + then we went to the Landmark for dinner + had a very good time. Back home by 10:30 + all three to bed – Alarm set for 5:30 am.