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Kent Felix got the job with Steiner – Whee.

Annabel called fairly early + I’d forgotten the Guild meeting. Bill + Dale + Jack over at 7 + took off for Des Vanion Lane D’Or I took Jack’s sunglasses over later when Joyce brought them by. I made a meatloaf + cleaned up dishes etc. Dick home at 8:40 – had been going to come back earlier to make love but Winnie now up + it was too late. He started with the complaints of “the constant parade” – Oh Hell. I called Dorothy Beagle to get Kent Felix’s name. Called Kent + asked him about the job with Steiner. He sounded enthusiastic so I gave him Steiner’s number. Called Steiner first to prepare him. Winnie made reservations for flight home Weds. at 8:02 am. She worked on cleaning up the refrigerator and I futzed about the house Did laundry etc. We played 2 games of spite and malice in between which was fun. I took her to the Guild meeting. Pretty dreary. Another lady called this A.M. with the suggestion the kids operate a melon stand – (she’d seen one in Pasadena) evidently my message on Eddie Hall’s show didn’t quite cut it. All they needed were melons, ice cream, chairs + tables etc. Half a melon (of any kind) a la’mode for 50¢. How lovely. After meeting went to Western Union. Money was there. Back to office. Bill Rehn out so waited for Charlie Banks who was late himself. He’s desperate now too. His girl friend is pregnant. Oh Christ. Gave him John Terry’s name + then thought of Lubeitha Johnson + gave him her number. He called + has an appt tomorrow am Bill in (may have sold 2 pools) + will go to the papers re Charles tomorrow. Stopped at Alice’s, bought groceries + came home. Put meatlaof in oven at 6:45. Dick called to say he’d be home in 15 min. Came back in over an hr. + smashed. Called me Laura which made me feel shitty – Dumb, unhappy evening. Played cards with Winnie for a while – Called Mary.