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Most excruciating hangover in a long long time. I am too old to have a civilized dinner. Stick to one form of alcohol. Dick left at 9:30 to go pick up another refrigerator (which I do not want but let that pass.) At about 2:30 I called Joyce + could have killed her when she said that Dick was “in good shape” when he left their house. “He refused a drink for almost an hour + then I just made one + put it in front of him. Maybe I shouldn’t have.” I told her no she shouldn’t + I wouldn’t thank her for it. He + Jack came staggering back around three o’clock. Unloaded the refrigerator. I’d hidden the booze but when it became evident they were just going to go out to a bar I made them each a drink. Dick started picking (mildly but picking) on Winnie. Thank God Marlene invited her to the movies this evening. I think she’s had a thin time (not that we could have done things much better under the circumstances) Last night Dick told Stephanie that Winnie’s father was a millionaire which was awkward enough – then he told Winnie that Stephanie resented her which she hadn’t felt but which put the cap on her evening. Oh shit. Marlene came for Winnie about 5. Dick + I went to J + J’s at 5:30. Bill Muir came over + we had a very good rib dinner. I made a list of their plans for tomorrow + Dick + I left at 8:30 + came home + went to bed. The girls still out. There’s so much to get accomplished that Dick just cannot afford to get drunk. He does so damn well when he doesn’t.