Went out early. Went to see Mr. Steiner at the cleaner’s + got more information on the jobs available (He’s got two! – looking for an 18 yr old boy right away) Went by the library but Mrs. Stringfellow is still out sick. Got groceries + had a small argument on “todays young people” with the sourold change lady. Home Called Cotton about books for graduation + asked her to please ask her Mother to get me the scholarship info for Colby Jr. for Debbie Miranda. Called Alice, Annabel, Mrs. Freeman and 6 kids for interviews + follow ups. Called B. Dalton’s + according to Madeline her Mother had called the shop. Went there with Winnie + ordered an Atlas, a roget’s thesaurus and a revised 2nd edition of Reader’s Encyclopedia. (Ordered 3 others for gifts) Had them sent to Cotton – Gave Winnie 7 dollars + took off. Wound up in the Land Mark where I won $125.00. Watch stopped. Must get new one + was late to get Winnie Home, changed + took her over to Stephanie’s to take them both to Macayo Vegas for dinner Gave Winnie a $20 to cover it – they had passes to “Patten” Came home + changed. We got to Shirley’s about 7:45. Dick had had a good day. $200 worth of sales at the shop. Alot of customers appeased, some money collected and 1 pool sold with strong possibility of a 2nd George + Pat Garret there + Bill Muir came soon after. Drinks first then wine with dinner and finally liqueurs before going back to plain drinks. The Galliano was my last really crystal clear memory. Bill + Dick went to pick up Steph + Winnie. Brought them back to rivera. George quietly passed out. talks of life + death – Happy kid sounds from the girls – home at 2:30.