A sort of depressing day. Didn’t get a lot done. Winnie up late. Wendy over at 11. Ironed a dress + robe. Left at eleven + took Winnie to Stephanie Freeman’s. I really liked Mrs. Mariantha Freeman. Funny lady. Took the girls to the Beef and Bottle for lunch. Liked Stephanie They’re going to see Patton tomorrow night. Went over to the shop. Talked with Dick. We’ve got a balance of $1800.00 in the business. Alot of money out but not enough. We have got to sell some pools and I just don’t see how. Annabel, Alice + John + Mary Anne Miller came by en masse. I gave Annabel some names to call. Introduced Alice to Shirley. Bill Rehn called + gave Charles Banks an appt. for Monday. After they left I talked with Shirley a little. We’ve got to start making money. She thinks things are going alot better since Dick has taken over. We called the Nevada Bank of Commerce – Harold Hansen – still on vacation. Called Del Wade who has a Doughboy pool in his backyard!! Davies’ pool has taken 4 weeks to dig. It’s no wonder that some of the people are screaming – went to the Safeway + bought stuff for Veal Parmiagian. Had a stomachache – undoubtedly nerves. We ate at 7. Dick made alot of calls. Can pick up some money tomorrow. Has 1 or 2 people who won’t pay + he’s going to take them to court. I called Leon about 9 and he turned down the 5 days for Tom Palmer because it was no part at all + Tom told him that. I’m so glad. And think it was beautiful of Leon to turn down some money for a better part. Went to bed still feeling achey but somehow less depressed.