A very full day. We were up at 5:30 + Dick was off by 6. I caught up diary, changed our bed. Did a load of laundry + washed my hair. Made up to look really nice. Winnie up at 8. Dick called from office + I went over to the job on Martingale to tell Jack + Bill Muir to go start up a pool someplace else. Winnie + I went to the Blvd for “Breakfast at the Blvd.” Sat with Barbara Nielson + two children + Elaine + Alice Turner. Elaine said she’d like the prospectus on Daddy’s book. Winnie missed coming from Furtherst away which was too bad. Eddie Hall said I could be on his show at 2:30 Went to B.Dalton + spoke with Rita Croxton – new asst. mgr. who is a good friend of Mr. Coombs + told her about John Carpenter’s back ground. She’s going to talk to Coombs before he ruins them. Elaine + I are having lunch with Mary Deane on Thursday of next week at noon. Took stuff to laundry + came home. Called Dick. Paid mortgage + subscription for TV guide. Made a couple of calls. Went to W.O.W. + won $5.00. Mailed letters. Went to bank + thence to Blvd. Gave Elaine the prospectus + had lunch. Was on Eddie Hall’s Show almost 20 minutes and he really gave a good pitch. We went downtown then got licenses for three dogs + went to Western Union – Money – not in yet Back to the office. Picked up the painting which looks beautiful. Office busy + I felt very extra + as though I was interrupting. (Got this mainly form Geo. Jr. + Dick.) Later was told he’d asked for a higher commission + been refused Pat + George Garret taking the car – they gave me a name of one of Georgia’s friends who’s Winnie’s age. Stephanie Truman We came home after shopping + I called her. Am going to take the girls to lunch tomorrow. Fixed Chinese dinner. Mr. Steiner of the cleaners called + is looking for a girl full time – through the year – Dick home at 7:20 After long + busy day. Mrs. Johnson never called. He’s got Joe digging for him now. Leon called + there’s a possiblility of a 5 day job coming up? I’d really like that because the salary should be big + its another new show. He won’t know until tomorrow. We went to bed about 9:30 or 10 but watched TV a bit –