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None too easy getting up. Dick had been on the phone at 6 and everyone doing what they should do. He left the house about 10:15 with Jessie to pick up the Carmen Ghia. Mardi packed. We called Mary + talked with Abby to say they were coming. Finally got them all packed + we went to the bank in two cars. I cashed a check + gave them $50 to help on their trip and Disneyland. Waved goodbye – They were alot of fun – and Winnie + I went grocery shopping. [crossed out letter] Had lunch at the Safeway + came home. Made a few calls. Went down to the shop. Took Leon’s painting and ordered a frame. Ready tomorrow. Bought some standard 8×10 frames + hung his picture in Dick’s office. Charles Banks + Bill Rehn got together + they’ll be meeting again tomorrow. Mr. Goldsworthy in + evidently he can use a few girls. Said I’d send them along. I went to Dwyers to pick up the Kalichi payment (Hah!) and the Gunite payment. They’re delighted with the job which is very nice. Pat + George Garrett took the Cadillac to lunch + then took it home. They want it. A few problems so it’s not 100% definite but it looks beautiful! Another $200.00 a month less. Cross fingers. Ritchie came in + talked to Dick. He wants to go to work for John Carpenter at a guaranteed $200 a week selling pool sweeps + chlorinators. I think it got to me even more than Dick. Dick just said “it’s up to you, Ritchie – We’ve got a place for you here -” But I felt + said to Dick + Bill Rehn that if Ritchie goes to work for John – there is no coming back to us. Dick talked to Paul Young about the car. Paul is desperate but in a way we’re getting a little desperate too. Dick Winnie + I came home at 7:00 – Winnie called Mather who sounded fine. We had a good dinner + went to bed very soon after.