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Dick left early. I went by the Dwyers to pick up the excavation payment. Pleasant chat with Mrs. Dwyer. On to the office. Driving the little car. Annabel already at our office. The last day. We had 5 kids come in. Debbie Miranda seems like a likely prospect for Colby Jr. College. Said I’d write + find out about scholarships. Will also call Mrs. Stringfellow about her. Donald Ray Smith came with his Mother – sent him to the Fremont + a kid named John McCoy I referred to Hoffmeister. Michael Zeck + Frank Adams were interviewed by Annabel. We moved our stuff out + Annabel went to a hair appt. Bill Carlos came to the store + I was really terribly depressing. Had a sandwich with Bill Rehn – he’s going to see Charles Banks at 2 tomorrow. Went to the bank + cashed Newcomb’s check sent $400 to Leuse. Paid insurance bill. Went to Cleaners + stopped by library to see Mrs. Stringfellow who was out sick. Turned around + came back to store. No time to get home Called the house + suggested the kids go out for dinner. The company meeting I think was successful. The only trouble was the diggers weren’t there + they’ve been causing most of the trouble. But I do think alot got ironed out. A bit too much beer for yours truly. Went afterwards with George Jr + Dick to Tom Corcoran’s. Had another beer but I doubt if Tom noticed. We (Dick + I) had dinner at the Cockatoo. Ran into Timmy Philips + an inspector named Orland something. Home at 10 + drunk – Mardi + Winnie up. Jessie sacked out I stayed up with the girls for a bit they had a really good time at the Grand Canyon. Jess + Mardi leave tomorrow.