The girls left at 5:30 am for the Grand Canyon – the calm + the quiet extraordinary. Dick off early. I wrote diary. Dick called about 8:30. He’d gotten rid of Murray + wasn’t feeling too happy about it. Murray had denied everything. I’m not at all sure I think Murray was selling leads – but I do think he was more than we could afford + not pulling his weight. Dick came home at ten o’clock + wanted a drink. Had had several. I fixed eggs + bacon + we went to bed instead. Jack came by later + Dick poured himself a drink which I poured out with his permission. Made love again. Dick left + went to the office about 2:30 or 3:00. Not too great but I know it was a rough day. I wrote Leuse, Newcomb, Scotty + Harriet Read + lolled about. The girls called at 6 from Flagstaff – were having a really great time. I’m so happy. We had the possibility of leasing the cadillac today – alas. At the Grand Canyon! We have Murray’s oldsmobile now too. Dick home at 7:15 – We had soup + a drink – Sat outside for a bit + then went to bed early. Got my check from the Immortal today. Called Leon + sent his commission. Spoke with Annabel – We have to give up the office tomorrow. Spoke with Annabel. Also spoke with Alice who seemed very pleased about Dick’s move with Murray. She seems to think Shirley is suspect too but I can’t believe it – I want Alice to meet her.