I stayed around the house all day. We called Shirley + told her the decision about Murray. She seemed to feel it was reasonable. Dick went to see a Mr. Chisholm about pools in a tract (learned from Marlene later that they had a bad record of paying.) The girls did grocery shopping for me and I fixed another batch of meat balls for dinner. I read + took a nap. A Mr. Corcoran called + has 2 pools for Dick but wants to see him. Dick raised Marlene to $2.00 an hour. He also told Richie + George Jr. that they can draw $100.00 a week against commission. I’m not too sure how I feel about that. I want Dick to run this business and I don’t like him talking over company policy with the kids. Blah, Blah, Blah. Jack + Joyce arrived at 5:30. Jack pretty smashed + Joyce pretty annoyed. She’d gone to the Valley bar + played the machine there + won $50.00. I’m afraid maybe they are in trouble with their marriage + I hate to see it. Repeat Blah Blah Blah and it’s none of my business. Dick not here til after 6. Jessie put red contact paper stars on “the Intrepid Traveler” + it looks very dashing. She was in rare form this afternoon + evening. Outlined for the gathering various methods of selling pools – the rich relative gambit the best. Also a hysterical tale of going to a March + getting out at the Rush Hour in Columbus. She’s a very funny girl. We played a little poker after dinner. Bed about 10 o’clock. We gave the girls $70 for their trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Wendy brought over a sleeping bag for Winnie + gave them a big tarp to put in the ground. Winnie is worried about Mather. I wonder if she’s right. I set up about 7 interviews for Tuesday.