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Dick off early – I tried to send a telegram to Susan Enelow for hours couldn’t do it as Western Union was busy. Finally got them at 9:30. Wrote Sue a birthday card with a $10 check. Jimmy Judge over + I asked him for dinner. I went to the Hacienda to pick up some keno tickets. Played 21 + lost – went to Safeway + got groceries. Home + fixed meatballs + garlic bread. Paid Vet’s bill. Took the girls to Circus Circus. Were there about 3 hours. Lost there too. Our keno ticket never won so much as a nickel Played all afternoon. Home. Called Mary + asked her to send Jessie’s letter on. Heard about Elizabeth’s funeral which sounded sad. Dear Elizabeth + Dear Henry. We had dinner out in the den (Jessie + Mardi’s bedroom) Jimmy in rare form + the two older girls were captivated. Not too certain how Winnie felt. Dick went to bed pretty soon after dinner. Jimmy played 21 with the ladies. Winnie went to bed pretty soon after Dick + the four of us stayed on + played til 11:30 Jessie very lucky. Funny evening. Jimmy had 3 or 4 drinks which seemed a sort of record for him. I think he was captivated in turn.

George Jr. over + told Dick that Murray has been seeing Bill Palmer every week. Dick is going to get rid of Murray + I think he’s right.