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Dick very nice in A.M. (6 or so) the 4 am beef right out of his head. Guess he was asleep. Woke next at 8:45 when Jess was at the door + ready to go. Dick was in the John + had overslept too. He left immediately – Jess, Mardi + Winnie left with Newman at 9. Called from Boulder City at 9:45 – they had to pick him up this afternoon as the place is closed. Carol Whitmoyer said the dog is about 2 years old. I wrote out a command invitation to the Company meeting at the store on July 7th and right after Wendy came I left in the Carmen Ghia to meet Bill Rehn – Got there at 10:40. Talked with Bill. Xeroxed invitations to be given out with pay checks. We discussed Direct mailing project. Then went over the financial statement with Shirley Not too good. But them again, not as bad as it could have been. Dick + I went to the Golden Nugget for lunch + them over to Nevada national for lunch where we talked with Harold Hanson. Gave him our statement and my most recent one ($650,000 – market value). We may have done some business. He’s away for 3 days in early next week but will call on his return re a dealership. Back to the store briefly. Then to Bank of Nevada where I deposited check from Family Affair. Mailed commission to Leon + garbage bill. Went to Bank of Las Vegas to deposit $200 + chatted with Ralph Sheer – discovered George Jr. had taken all the papers away with him last night after trying to sell a pool to Ralph’s roommate. Called the office Safeway + shopped – home. Girls locked out with a very groggy Newman. Had loved Boulder Dam – I wrote Rich Ware. Jess wanted to try selling pools – I thought fine but Dick said No. We had barbecued hamburgers, corn on cob outside. Called Mary – Sue’s birthday tomorrow Dick not feeling well. Funny evening though. Paul Prokag [?] called. Wanted to bring film over + I said no. Got very on the defensive (I did.) Girls out for a ride down strip. Bed early.