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Elizabeth’s funeral today. Was up early. Paid Exterminator bill – sent for dog tags. Woke Jess + Mardi to see if they wanted to go to “Breakfast at the Blvd.” They didn’t. Did some laundry. Put out garbage – blah blah blah. Had to wait around the house for a delivery of tile. Didn’t come til 12:30. Vic came by + then went + brought me a piece of 3/8″ rebar – the kind Paul fell on. am going to try to find a cap that will fit it. Had a call from Cornelia diBruin about the service guild (she’s Review Journal) Bill Muir + Denny were over. Jessie + Mardi went to meet Winnie while I washed my hair. [crossed out letter] Winnie looks wonderful – has lost weight and is becoming very pretty. I called Carol Whitmoyer in Boulder City about getting Newman fixed. The girls will drop him off tomorrow. Called Annabel after Bill Carlos called me with 2 girls to interview on Tuesday. [crossed out letter] Went down to the office for the meeting but Murray had had to go out to look at a pool with Paul Young so I went down to the R.J. and talked with Cornelia diBruin. Liked her told her to get in touch with Bill Fain for more details on the guild. Back to the office. Had meeting. It appears that Murray has been having his car paid by the company – drawn against his 1% of the gross. That was unknown to either Dick or me and It’s upsetting. We’re losing money at the rate of $10,000 a month. Murray Young on commission + I hope to hell he starts selling pools I came home + fixed the Roast  – girls helped with salad. Dick back at 7:20. The girls very gay but Dick having none of it. Wants me down at the office. Later in the night he woke me up to tell me Newman (whom I’d left in) had knocked the garbage over + dragged it all around the kitchen. Wanted me to take him to the pound. I couldn’t get back to sleep + am writing this at 4 am. I feel very sorry for myself right now. Dick has his new teeth + they look awful.