Early up. Dick off at 7 after several calls. I called Daddy to tell him about Elizabeth. He felt badly as we all do. Then Hilary + asked her to let Coco know. And Mather. Told him I was expecting Winnie tomorrow. Also Newcomb spoke with Larry + gave him the address of the funeral home – Mary said all Elizabeth’s best friends are out of town so I think flowers from all of us will make Henry feel just a little bit better. I called Roseland Fronfier + had flowers sent from us. I wrote Jim Brown and I wrote Timmy returning the $10 he’d lent me – All the house info for Jim and alot of comments on the tape for Timmy offering to have it redone so that he can show the letter to Mike Dutton. I paid the Lookout mortgage. Saw Paul’s brother-in-law Steve who said Paul could use cigarettes. Visited briefly with the girls and then left the house a little after eleven. Went to the DesVaux on Lane D’Or to collect two payments – $4,169.00 WOW they were very pleasant. Went to Bank of Las Vegas + deposited $200 Went to Wonderworld + played the machines – Lost. Daisy has to go to a specialist next Friday about a node on her vocal chords. Went to Bank of Nevada + deposited $450 Cashed a check for $50. Went to the hospital to see Paul. He’d left Went to the landmark and after losing I won. Came out about $25 ahead. Went to the library + took back Alice’s book. Went to the Shop + Bill Rehn said he’d set up some interviews with the R.J. about our job finding effort. Asked him about what he felt his salary should be + he said $75 which I thought very reasonable but all we can possibly afford. We’re having a meeting tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock of Shirley, Murray, Dick + me. Went by Alice’s to giver her Daddy’s book + they were going out. Had quick drink went to the store for groceries + to lose my winnings. Came home. fixed scrambled eggs + cheese soufflé for [crossed out word] dinner. The girls at the movies. We talked alot + have made up our mind that Murray is going to be cut to $100.00 + put in the field to work on commission. He’ll be able to make more money + I think we’ll be way ahead.