Elizabeth died last night

I went to pick up Jack who was suitably penitent about yesterday’s [crossed out letter] escapade. He + Dick left about 7 o’clock Mary called to tell me that Elizabeth died last night. a massive coronary. Henry lost. I felt so badly because I hadn’t seen her this last weekend – just too damn tied up in my own selfish affairs. Mary said she’d know the details + to call tonight. I wrote a quick note to Karen Broman + sent the yarn – Went by post office to mail everything. Was at shop at 9:30 + blew up at Murray for not saying where Dick was yesterday. was very chilly with Bill Muir understood later he was concerned because I was angry with him. Dick wanted me to go tell him I wasn’t. I said I was but it would pass. We had some kids in right in the beginning – an Anthony Enos interested in construction. Dorothy made an appt for Dick with Dr. Lamb. She didn’t feel he ought to get a plate made without seeing a dentist. (Beside the fact that it’s illegal.) Dick came in + talked with her – he’d already made an appt. with John Woods at 1:00 + although he listened he’d also made up his mind. Dorothy was very funny today after I talked with Bill Rehn about advertising He talks long but I think he’s very with it despite that. Came into the office + learned that Paul Rogers had just been impaled on a 5 inch steel rod at the edge of a pool. As it developed, Thank God, it only slightly punctured a lung + he’ll be all right quite soon. Also since going on an hourly salary yesterday he’s covered. But oh Lord how awful. I went to the Landmark tower for a couple of hours to escape + only lost some money. Grand. Home at 6:20. The girls had done the shopping + were not hungry. Dick + I had to go out to see the Dwyers at whose accident pool the accident had happened. They were very nice people with a very legitimate gripe. The dig has taken 7 days + is not yet completed. Everything is a mess. Dick said he’d see to it personally tomorrow. Went by Jack + Joyce’s + left a main drag. Hylander upset and a few other customers. Came home + ate some soft food + went to bed.