A day + a half – or something – Dale + Bill Muir over at 7 – Jack shortly after -[crossed out letters] Dick got dressed + left with them about 7:30 or so. Was going to call me at 10:30 about meeting at a bank re financing. The girls up as I left to get groceries. Bought $38.00 worth + played the slot machine for $10 more. Back at ten. Jess + Marty helped me unload the car + put things away. We talked a bit and their plans are really incredibly flexible. As Jess wanted to stay over + see Winnie I decided that was fine + they could entertain her for a little. We played 21 for an hour and a half + then after a sandwich I went back into the library. Too appalling so I lay down with a book for a bit. Mean time Paul had come around looking for Jack – they were supposed to work together today. 3 or 4 calls for Dick I called the office same number of times + no word of Dick at all. After a short nap I started in on my desk. Got all my tax papers put away – the files cleaned out and this year’s files started. Paid Am. Express, phone service, Hayes, S.A.G – Sent in Chem Bank approval forms + wrote for Smith Alumnae Register. The girls went to the bookstore + bought me Tom Wolfe’s book “Electric Koolaid Acid” – I’d done a batch of laundry + Jess ironed for me. [crossed out letters] Still no word from Dick. Shirley told me not to come down for the meeting unless [crossed out letters] she called. On a chance I called Joyce + the boat was missing + Bill Muir’s green car was in back of the house. Shirley called back at 5 to say Murray had just told her they were out at the lake. I said I thought they all ought to be docked – Dick home at 7:30. Had lost his teeth water-skiing, Ashamed to see the girls – Oh God – What to do I just hope this shakes him up enough to straighten out. The girls + I had a pleasant evening – showed photographs + talked alot. Dick slept – Bed about 11 o’clock.