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Up about 8:30 or 9:00. We tried to call the house but couldn’t get through. I made reservations for us on Western at 1 o’clock. Finally called Jack + Joyce who said they’d notify the girls. Cleaned up Leon’s kitchen. Had coffee + grapefruit juice with him + filled a bag full of goodies – 3 boxes of cookies, a cherry pie, a bottle of wine – candies + god knows what all else. We left at 11:20. Glorious trip to the airport until we hit the last turn off – Bumper to bumper all the way. Sightseers which just didn’t seem possible. We made the plane with no time to spare Had a bloody Mary on the plane which I thought was a mistake but blah blah blah blah. Came home + found the car which Dick had left in a 15 minute zone last night still there with only a ticket to show for it Talk about luck. On the way to the house Dick talked again about my giving up my “outside projects + concentrating on the business.” It really doesn’t seem fair at all to me. Came home + Jessie + Marty here + full of all they’d been doing. Dick went out to get a bottle of vodka + didn’t return for an hour or so. Had stopped at the Airline Bar for 3 unnecessary drinks. I gave Jess + Marty $10 to go to Circus Circus + have dinner + I took a nap. Got up about 6 + fixed a little supper Dick up later + had some soup. We sat outside with several drinks – Cooled down to 90° and a very high wind. We moved the lounges out behind the library + sat there + talked. Bot got a little hot under the collar  – Dick telling me to either work in the business full time or stay out of it completely. I telling him to stop drinking so much and get down to the business of running the show. All ironed out eventually. The girls home about 10 – had loved Circus Circus + had gone to see “Airport.” Bed about midnight –