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Up at 7:00 – Room service – coffee, juice + toast – Packed + took off at 8:40 + up to Lookout Mt. The house looked just great I thought + I enjoyed Carolyn + Jim. I think it’s all going to go perfectly smoothly. $250 of the monthly $350 will apply to the [crossed out word] purchase price for the next 6 mos + at the end of that time we’ll go into escrow. Asking price $37,500 which will bring me out about even. I left them at 10:45 + headed out to Mary’s. Was there in half an hour. Debby + David + I piled into the back seat + Mary + Les drove us to the races. David very entertaining. I put about $24 on Daily Doubles + $6 on the first race. Leon’s horse in the 1st + in the 2nd. Daily Double paid $81. By the time the day was over at 6:30 I was $6 ahead + I had $19 for Leon. Didn’t get to his place until almost 8 o’clock after stopping for bourbon fresca + cigarettes. Dick called at 8:30 + was angry that I hadn’t called. Jess + Marty off to see “Z.” Dick sounded a little tight – said they wouldn’t be there when I got in tomorrow morning. They were going out to the lake I said first I thought they could wait til I got in then when Dick said it would be too late I said I’d take a later plane – He got annoyed + I passed him over to Leon. Next thing I knew Leon said Dick was going to call him back if he could get a plane to L.A. Leon told me to call my horoscope number + a voice said “Partner needs ego building, encouragement.” So when Dick called back + told Leon he didn’t have time to catch the plane I grabbed the phone + told him to come on and come on he did. Was with us two hours later. Leon gave him a bit of a talking to on the basis of behaving like the boss and demanding + getting the necessary respect. The only thing that upset me was that I’d been away 2 days + it was too much. I don’t think that’s quite fair but it’s something we’ll have to work out and right now I guess Dick needs alot of support in the business.