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Up at 5:30. Dick called at 5:15 and I was so rock-sound asleep I hardly remember talking to him. 2 alarms and a wakeup call helped. The thermos of coffee helped most of all. I’d forgotten tooth paste + had to brush my teeth with hotel soap. No help. Mouth tasted terrible as I made my way out to the valley. Dick Cobos the makeup man gave me some berocca drops and a stick of cinnamon gum and I began to feel human. New hair dresser – Carmen. Jean the wardrobe woman very nice. The kids as always cute and it was a good good day my scenes went smoothly and at the end the director Charles Barton told me it was “always a pleasure” working with me. Leon came out + had lunch with me. He drove his own car + I’ve never been so flattered. Went to say goodbye + thank you to Virginia Martindale but she was out of the office so left word with Lionel Thompson. Bill Demarest not working today + by the time I was through the 3 sons people were shooting a difficult scene so I didn’t see anyone. Went back to the hotel for a quick nap + then on to Timmy’s. Had a really very good time with him. brought a half gallon each of vodka + bourbon. Listened to his tape which I thought was excellent with the single + all important reservation that the “background music was too loud. Told him I’d pay for a new tape + would write him a letter to that effect which he could show Mike Dutton (whom I think I might know.) Leon called with selections for the races tomorrow. His hunches. Had meant to get some from Timmy but I left at 11:45 + there wasn’t time. We’d called Dick at the start of the evening + he said it was 130° by our thermometer in the back yard. He was taking Shirley + the guys to the Landmark. When I got back to the hotel I saw Bill Overfeldt the sunglasses man + had one drink with him. Bed at 12:45