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Busy Busy Day. Dick off early. I wrote diary + made plane reservations. Paul Rogers by + talked with him about working by the hour. Later talked with Shirley. Told her to keep the $2,000.00 owed me but not to mention it. Called Alice to say I couldn’t make the “Breakfast Club” today. Called some of my interview kids. Called Jim Brown + Timmy [crossed out words] about L.A. Washed dishes. Did four or five loads of wash including yellow bedspread + green blanket. Paid Nevada Power, Mr. Mendoza + Florist bill – Mailed Alaria papers. Worked on lines all day long as I did chores. Lucky thing as the phone rang at 4 o’clock and a gay little voice said “Auntie P! Hi!? It was Jess + a friend, Marty McLeery in North Las Vegas. I was completely thrown + told her so. Had to go out + do shopping so told her not to come to the house til 5:30. Went to cleaners, Drugstore Safeway + got back by 5. Jess + friend sitting on porch swing. Told then they could stay in the den on the couches. Had to pack + get together wardrobe for L.A. Discovered my bone shoes were beyond repair + Dick who’d just come back raced me over to the B’way + bought me a new pair – perfect. Home + had a drink and a sandwich + got off somehow. As a matter of fact, felt a little better about leaving Dick with the two girls to keep him company. Met a pretty little girl on the plane named Luane Wallace. Ended up by giving her Leon’s phone number although I told her that he wasn’t taking anyone. Picked up my car – a mustang + drove to the Roosevelt. Talked to Leon + called Mary – Talked with Debby + then Mary who came in as I was about to hang up. Went down to the bar for a drink + got involved in bizarre conversations with an ex-producer, an ecologist and a merchant of sunglasses. 4 or 5 old fashioneds later, I went to bed at 1 a.m.