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Up at 6:15 – made sweet rolls Dick up pretty painfully Jack over + I asked him about John Carpenter – He’d never gone near Highlander’s pool. But he’s working for Paradise Pools now + they’d called the office about Poolbrite equipment Oh Hell. They left (Dick + Jack) at 7:00) I did dishes + futzed about. Called Dorothy Beagle about Bill Brown + her son has a group who’s looking for a guitarist. I called Juvenile + spoke with Donetta Webb, Donald Jones + Mr. Crawford all of whom promised to get one of their kids to an interview on Tuesday. I called Penney’s about Charlie Banks + Mr. Dwiggens is away. His secretary, Mrs. Dougherty is handling the interviews. Dick home + we made love. Later I called Mrs. Dougherty + talked with her about Charles. She said she’d see him + asked if I could get him there at 3:00. I said I’d try + called his home. Got his sister who said she’d tell him. I left for Dave’s office at 11:40. Got there at noon plus. He notarized the Alaria quit claim deed and we talked about the situation. If John does make trouble we can make trouble. I talked with Mary about jobs for kids + she said she’d keep an eye out. She can use a gardener once a week. I went to meet Dick at Duffy’s at 1:30. He + Murray there + had been since 1 o’clock. Paul not there + the guy they were supposed to meet they didn’t know. Finally got straightened out – a Fred Doyle who’d eaten + was about to go home – Paul showed about 2:15 having over slept! liked Doyle. I left + went to the mint where after gambling all afternoon I came out $4.00 ahead. This after going way down. Went to office for meeting. Dick had forgotten to tell Shirley + Murray had to take his daughter to the hospital. Talked with Bill Rehn about advertising. Went home + fed the dogs. letter from Rae O’Dell with chart. More adoption papers. We went to Cecil’s palace – Came home + Dick cued me through my lines over + over. Talked with Charlie Banks + he’s going to see Mrs. Dougherty at 11 tomorrow. I’d called her + changed the appt. Winnie called + is arriving on July 2nd. Alot to get done..