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Made quite a few phone calls this a.m. + left the house at 9. Went down to the shop + looked at the photographs from the master pool brochure. Chose one of a pair of jolly old folks lolling about looking happy. Talked rather briefly with Bill Rehn who didn’t ever get to see the photo before it went in. Arranged the “office”. Dorothy arrived a little before ten. Charles Banks a really engaging Negro kid came in first + while I was interviewing him Richard Baldridge came in + Dorothy took him. Some guys came in with pool equipment + Charles leapt to his feet + offered to help them. The first time that’s happened. I really liked the kid. Will call Penney’s for him + failing that I’m going to try an ad agency. Next came Steve Guess whom I liked also, although I didn’t feel he was quite as outstanding – in fact not at all outstanding. Just a nice kid. Wants yard work. Brent Paton never showed. Long talk with Dorothy + I’ve gotten to like her. We closed up about 12:30. Was over at the office when John (Bill) Brown appeared. His big thing is show business! Wants to play guitar. Is currently self-employed so I suggested he contact the various agencies in town + try for auditions. Went to meet Joyce at the Landmark, had a little lunch + looked over the script. Played Keno + won $2.50 all afternoon. However broke even at Black Jack + on my way out I bought a roll of quarters + hit four bars for $250! WOW. Came home, Dick home a bit later – really smashed. Going to have John Carpenter put away, buried, killed. Called Jimmy Judge. I told Dick if he did I’d have to leave him + that would kill me. We couldn’t live together with something like that I cried + called Dave Abbatangelo who said to come in tomorrow at 11:30 + we’d start an injunction (evidently John had loused up another job!) Jimmy Judge over + said “I think Patience is right – do it legal” – A pretty grim evening. Dick falling on a bed etc. “On the wagon” tomorrow. The worst is Dick on the phone cocktails – started with sitting in a bar at 9:00 am this morning.