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All slept in a bit – Dick off in a huff (?) without vitamin at 7. Daddy up at 9:00. I wrote diary, paid phone bill. Dorothy Beagle called + I said I’d stop by this afternoon. I called the adoption people + said we were still interested – Our case worker Janet Owens is now Janet Bubnis – she got married. Wendy came over for her check + said goodbye to Daddy. I called Alice Turner + spoke with Clesse. Got their son-in-laws name + had Daddy sign his book for him. While Daddy packed I made some calls – tried to get Mrs. Bradley at probation couldn’t get her. Called Joni Marie – not working. Called Mike McShea + spoke with his Father who’s got him going to school for programmed learning which sounds good. Daddy wanted to get a couple of bottles for Dick so we went to the store + got vodka bourbon and some gin for Daddy’s trip to Denver (“Uncle Alston is a little strict. Maybe strict isn’t the word so much as parsimonious!”) Came home + Druscilla called from the office – Scott back – London + England a fiasco. Drue + M.J. had sent flowers hoping I’d hate them as they were sick of getting them!! Funny. She said hello to Daddy. I fixed sandwiches for lunch + a final martini for Daddy. Dick back at 2 Winnie called! To wish me Happy Birthday a month late + to ask me how to fix steak!!! She leaves for San Antonio tomorrow + I suggested she might come in for a few days after. We went to the airport + put Daddy on his plane. The first unhappy moment of his whole visit. Just hated to say goodbye to him. Dick off to the office + I went to Dorothy Beagles – got a whole batch of new applications + discovered a new probation officer – George Bubnis!!! If that’s Janet’s husband it will help a great deal. Pleasant time with Dorothy – home – called J + J. made calls for interviews. Early bed – Ed Kulick over + Dick out of bed + into the vodka. I got a little frosty.