Dick gave Daddy a pair of slacks, shoes + a hat for Father”s Day + they were a perfect fit. I felt mainly the worse for last night’s multiple martinis. We left here about 10:30 for Willow Beach. Stopped by a job in Henderson – Mr. Homewood of Taylor Steel – a charming Scot. We stopped at every possible place along the way looking for water skis. Finally found them in Boulder City. Got to Willow Beach about 12:20. Piled into J + J’s boat + started down the river. The “new” motor couldn’t get up over 5 mph – and the heat was killing. Had to be about 1:30. Fished for a few minutes. Too hot to eat. Had some beer Discovered late on our way back ( + that was only because I said I was dying of heat – Daddy was being stoic) that Dick had a bottle of vodka up forward. It annoyed me to pieces but It got passed around then so maybe it was better. I stuck to beer. Stopped at the Gold Strike on the way back + came home at 5:30. At 6 pm in the shade it was still 112° – here Dick over to help J + J whose air conditioner had gone out!!!! Lord. Had more to drink + came home + fell asleep in his chair. We had soup + sandwiches for dinner + all fell asleep by 9:15 _ Hate the thought of Daddy’s leaving. Despite the hellish heat of today’s outing I think he’s really had a good trip.