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Wrote a letter to Timmy on the plane.

Going to L.A. Up early. Woke Daddy a little after 7 o’clock. Washed my hair + put Detective club books for Mary + Rembrand Etchings for Rich in a shopping bag. Dick took us to the airport. Newman ran a good mile after the car. Our plane on time. Evidently a tour was on it from Hawaii + it was crowded. Sat next to a nice Negro lady Mrs. Glover who mentioned rather casually having several bullets in her. Mary + Les met us. Mary looks + is great. Cool in L.A. Drove to Good Samaritan to see Rich + though his speech is most definitely affected + hard at times to understand he was alot better than we hoped. Mary + I gave him the Rembrandt book together After our visit (Daddy sat with him maybe 15 minutes) we went out to So. Babbette + had the tour of the house. It looks lovely and Mary’s garden is really impressive – every sort of flower + bush + quite a few small trees. Les + Mary took us to Charley Brown’s in the marina for lunch. The drink service was awful but Les took care of us + the food waitress was a very cute little girl who reminded both Mary + me of Debbie. We had 2 splits of champagne + drank to Mother – it would have been their 53rd anniversary. Then Les drove us all around the marina. Back to the house + then to the airport. Mary gave me a whole stack of mysteries. Our plane was late + Mary visited with us while poor Les “circled” the airport! Good good visit. Back to Vegas. Dick had bought a whole lot of patio furniture from Leisure World who went bankrupt for 730 – value $1500. Also some redwood for us. Whee. Letter from adoption people + phone bill. 2 pools sold – both good ones went to Hughes air terminal for dinner – long day. martinis!!!