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Daddy up a little after nine. I went over to pick up his suit, get some groceries + pick up Wendy. We left the house around 10:20 for Eva’s. Pointed out our Cactus Lane dwelling. Walt + Eva loaded some food + supplies in back of the cadillac + we took off. It was about an hours drive. Clear + beautiful at their cabin. Daddy liked Eva + vice versa. Pleasant time sitting out. Daddy had a martini + another + then we had steak sandwiches. Frieda Glanz dropped in. We left Mt. Charleston a little after 2 o’clock + went to visit George + Irene Hall. Had a glass of ice tea chatted a while + then came home. Daddy said “Peter” instead of Dick several times at the Halls which was the first time. We got back about 5 – Wendy had left. Daddy + I read. It was too hot to sit out tonight so we had our drinks inside. had TV dinners + then went to bed early. A very hurt sensitive letter from Timmy that bugged me / about my trips to L.A. + how he’d heard about them from friends + the trades + “the grapevine” – blah triple blah –