Dick off at 5 am. I slept later. He was back at about 8 o’clock with a torn shirt to mend and a load of woes. Due to an oversight (!) it looked as though they might have to drain four completed pools (It later worked out thanks to Jack) Daddy + I took off about 8:40. Dropped his suit at the cleaners + went over to the Blvd. The place was jammed which was nice. We sat with Elaine + then Alice Turner joined us. A lady named Mrs. Oakes + her 85 yr old Mother sat with us. Daddy won the prize for coming the furthest away. When told he’d won a shampoo + set he said he’d hoped to get “one of those dresses – well filled.” We stopped by B. Dalton’s – met Mary Deane – Picked up a substitute prize of a vase at “Happy Holiday Shop” + went over to Lucille Brown’s for a very pleasant visit. Alice there too. Home + then off to Bonnie Springs ranch for lunch. A nice ride, nice lunch, nice time. Home at 3:30 after stopping for groceries – I took a nap – then fixed dinner. Ed Kulick over briefly + then Eva + Walt for a couple of drinks. Flies outside tonight Eva read Leuse’s letter for me. They left + we made arrangement to go up Mt. Charleston tomorrow with Eva. Steak dinner – got out some picture albums + my diary for 1940. Read some to Daddy who loved it. Will read more tomorrow. Dick + I talked some about the business before going to bed around 10. We’re having a very good time with Daddy.