Excitement Excitement. Began [crossed out letters] with the appearance of a little black dog that looks so much like Humbug I thought he was. A puppy obviously abandoned. I called Channel 3 + put in an announcement but in the meantime named him Newman (the new man around the place) + with Dick’s approval am prepared to adopt him. Next a clamorous barking set up + there was a desert turtle outside the back door big as a football – the dogs nudged him around the house + halfway across the road. I flagged down a car + a man got out + pushed him off the road. Then Ed came by + carried him off into the desert. Dick came to get Daddy at 10 o’clock + took him around on a series of jobs. I sent flowers to Rich + to Carl + Sue. The TV-repair man was over + we’re going to need a new picture tube. Went to the bank + deposited $325 from my N.Y. acct. (I was overdrawn by about $76!!!) then to Wonderworld – bought 3 lawn chairs + a new table cloth for the poker table and groceries at Pantry Pride. Played the machines a little + visited with Daisy. Home Daddy back impressed with the work. They’d eaten at the Tropicana + had a tuna fish sandwich the size of a pillow I fixed a meatloaf + potatos [potatoes] + turnip greens. Jack + Joyce over at 5 + we had a really nice evening. They loved Daddy + it seemed to be mutual. We’re going to go out fishing on their boat on Sunday. Daddy stumbled in his room but Jack + Dick were there. I called Dave today + the receivership supercedes the corporation by-laws. Called Walt Jenkins + he + Eva may come by tomorrow evening –