Caught up diary in early morning – Have really been so busy. Called Evalyn MacArthur but no answer. I futzed about, cleaned etc. Daddy up around 9:30 or so. Tony + Nick + Bill + Murray + Dick were all here when he got up + had coffee with us. The dust settled about 10. We called the hospital in L.A. + Rich can have “authorized  visitors” for a few minutes. We called Uncle Alston’s office + left a message. Called Western Airlines + got a reservation for L.A. at 9:20 on Sat. Morn. Return at 5:20. Daddy read + I pottered around. I finally called Uncle Alston at home and got him so that’s all squared away. Fixed Daddy + me a roast beef sandwich + when Dick + Bill Muir stopped back by fixed them one too. Daddy + I went by the bank to cash a check + Glen informed me very nicely that I was overdrawn (!!) Thank God they didn’t bounce it Daddy got $200 cash + we drove past the Landmark + the International + then on to the strip at sahara + up. Went to Circus Circus + saw the end of the Arial Act + all of the sword act. Enough to give the impression Drove down the strip and circled in front of Caesar’s Palace. I stopped at the store for a TV chicken dinner + we came home. Went to Alice Turner’s at 4:30 or so. That was such a good time – Alice was a nurse in a Denver hospital back in 1916 -20 – Never knew it alot of Denver connections. Then Annabel + Jack came by + they’d both gone to East Denver High!!! (grad – 1931) The dress I’d brought looked great on Annabel too. Dick came when they did + we left after a half hour more or so. Came back + had another drink outdoors + our TV dinners – Bed soon after. Good day.