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Strike – no concrete

A lovely day. Slept in + didn’t get up til 8:30 Daddy already up – fixed him breakfast. I had a slight hangover. Washed dishes, made beds + did small load of wash for Daddy. He seems very happy with Longstreets book on the Civil War – (Gettysburg novel) Phone incessant in the early morning. Annabel 3 or 4 times – a couple of kids – news that Jackie Basped is at work at Orange Julius. Madeline Herzog about registration of the guild. Quite a talker. Spoke with Shirley about our plans – approves. Is going to take Marlene Snyder full time + let Gary go. Dick called + was free to take us to Hoover Dam. Came back + helped me iron one of Daddy’s shirts. We left at 11:45 – went by the store + then out to Annabel Miller’s. What a lovely house On to the Marina at Lake Meade for a slow lunch then to the dam. The weather alot warmer, Listened to an illustrated lecture + then went on the tour. Daddy in front of elevator with cane. When we came out the guide told us to stand to one side + came up with a wheelchair. (As Dick said later – “a kick in the ass”) But we made the most of it + got to ride in the elevators. Dick pushed + despite what must have been a humiliation we had a very good time. Stopped at the Gold Strike Saloon on the way back + called Alice to say we’d come by tomorrow. Dick called Von Tobels for the TV – they’re coming Weds A.M. I shopped at the Boulder City Safeway + we came home. Dick had to go across town with some equipment so we sat out + read – Called Rich Ware – no answer Called Eve Lee + discovered Rich was in The Good Samaritan. Had a bad stroke 2 wks ago. We’re going to try to go to L.A. on Sat just for the day. Tried Uncle Alston w/no success. Dick back a little after 7 + we had two drinks outside + then dinner – a night cap + good good visit. Bed for us all about 10:15. Wendy cleaned up the house on Bonita.