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Up at 9 and after quick coffee off to airport to meet Daddy. About a half hour late from Tulsa. So good to see him. A little more unsteady perhaps + I hate that but so damn dear. Brought him straight home. While he unpacked we had some french toast. He was very pleased with his room, the books from Steven Longstreet  – with everything. Dick went for some ale while I fixed Daddy a sandwich – then about two/thirty we all took naps. Jack + Joyce stopped by for some cartons. They’re sending Jack’s daughter back to Hawaii (!) I put our roast in the oven about 4 – we sat outside + had our drinks + Daddy loved it – The breeze was light + warm + the desert went through its color gradations all on cue. Had dinner + then Ed + Casey + Mr. Casey + a guest named Marv something (whom I didn’t like) all came over. More drinks + the dogs got under Daddy’s feet + he took a fall. I should have put them out but didn’t (though it was so suggested). Dick I had too much to drink and it was a delirious evening. Barely remember their leaving. Bed somewhere around ten.

We called Jimmy who called us back at his expense – he was 50 yesterday! Hil had given him a small house down on his pond as a present.