Jimmy’s birthday + Wendy + Denny’s anniversary. I spent the morning going through all my clothes. Discovered I’m missing three sweaters. Pile to be mended, to be given away, to be cleaned, to be washed. Did several loads of washing – Talked with Annabel + found Alice thought I’d gone out + bought the Roast. Called Annabel + set her straight. She offered to do my mending for me – hems etc + I made appropriate remonstration but was so grateful that I didn’t even hold out for a decent period! Wendy over at 11:45. I gave her the giveaway pile + took my mending to Alice along with a Mr. Dino dress that will be perfect for Annabel + a blouse which Alice can wear (one of Mother’s from Bonwit – never worn.) Went to the office + went to see Jim Weiss with Dick. He + his friend Jerry Gardner are both in show biz – they’re the guys that John Carpenter approached with the new set of plans – Now they’re not happy with the old plans – the ones contracted for. Dick can’t give them the new pool but hates to give back the money as it seems a sort of defeat. Spent an hour there chit chatting about show biz. Know people in common – natch. Annie Sullivan a good friend (?) of Jerry’s (he wasn’t there) Don’t know what was accomplished but something may have been. Went to Beef + Bottle for lunch (2:30) Came home + though I would have liked to sleep I ironed my dresses. Dick got a new remote control for the Zenith TV. Wendy finished up about 5:30 – Dick got the groceries for me. Ruby Alexander called + I asked them over for a drink – Ed Casey came + had one + then we went to the Rocking horse ranch for a steak sandwich. Came back + gave Ruby some odds + ends for their apt – interim stuff She’s nice but quite quiet. Doesn’t drink either. Bed about 11:30 – later than Dick had wanted + my fault. Still it was a pleasant evening –