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Up at 5:30 – two alarm clocks set 15 min apart + a wakeup at 6. Washed hair + took off for Paramount Desilu Gower – whatever. Was there early. Nice makeup people + nice hair dresser. Martine Bartlett there playing the mother. No coffee until 7:15. On stage at 7:30 + dressed + on set by 7:45 or so. Harry Townes playing the father. All went very smoothly. Mike Caffey the director. Scenes very low key. Shared dressing room with young black actress who’s very appealing personality. Said New York is dead right now. Was finished at 10:30. Went to see Jimmy Merrick when I was through + had really nice visit with him. Showed him the article on Annie + he took her number again. Went over to the office (Leon’s) Called Annie – not there. Called Jim Brown unreachable Leon + I went to lunch at the Gaiety. I got an earlier flight home on the 4:10. Cancelled my reservation for 5:40. Hugged Leon goodbye + left with a cherry pie, a loaf of bread + candy + [crossed out letters] almond rolls. Got to the airport at 3:20. Checked in + went upstairs. At 4:40 the 4:10 flight was cancelled. Not delayed cancelled. We were given “standby” on the 5:40 but no help held out. The 5:40 didn’t leave until 8:10 however + many had dropped out so got on. Met very nice jolly lady named Anne Letty. She made the [crossed out word] wait bearable. Dick drove her to her friends on Auderella Lane. They’d (All Star) built the pool (Ming) next door! We went out to the Rockinghorse ranch for some drinks after – Strange Stories about the Diggers wanting to buy a tractor charged to Allstar (!!!) Charlene has worked out well + I guess that’s the only good news. A strike of operating engineers expected on Monday – no concrete – Oh Lord.