Waited for Ruby Alexander’s call. Didn’t come, paid mortgage + 2 installments of property taxes. Left house at 8:40. Nobody at the Breakfast at the Blvd. went + got Elaine + we whooped it up. I won a roast with the B.Dalton’s tounge tongue twister. Went + got it. Went to P.O. to pick up package from Leon + mail the money. Took roast over to Turner’s. Alice at a graduation + Clesse in bed. Put roast in fridge after explaining. Went over to office + told Murray I wanted to speak to him. Did. Said Dick wanted approval of all contracts. That we couldn’t go on underselling, that Marty Lerit is [crossed out letters] expendable + that we [crossed out word] are losing money on all sides. And that Dick is the boss. I was extremely upset + left in tears without saying good bye. Went over to see Dave Abbatangelo. He said we have to cut down our overhead + raise our prices. His first idea was to try to get back my money + I told him I wanted to leave it in the business – that I felt potentially we could do a great deal with it. Went to cleaners + laundry + got some groceries. Home at 3:30 – Phone rang. Dorothy with my call for tomorrow – 7 am. Dick home with Paul Rogers who stayed quite long Normally would have been delighted but was tired + anxious about getting to L.A. We had TV dinners I was going to take the 2:30 am flight in but on 2nd thought decided to go in tonight at 9:20. Picked up a car + drove to the Roosevelt Hotel. Went to Toffs for a sandwich + was in bed at midnight after going over my script (5 lines)