Up at 5:30 – pottered about – shaved legs + underarms blah, blah – packed a few things like diary + knitting. Dick took me to airport at 7 – Arr. L.A. Internat’l 8:30. Got car + went in for hair cut from George. Then to Leon’s. Went by Benisch for coffee + out to Studio City. Saw Ed Hartman – Dear Ed + Virginia + Lionel (?) Thompson. Have nice part – shooting the 26th! Whee. Went to Aware restaurant – delicious. New Wardrobe Lady + all on order. Back to office then to Stephen Long street where I got two copies of early civil war novels autographed for Daddy. He just may like them. Stopped by a jewelers where Leon got something for Dick. Went to see Caro Jones – busy – went to see Tom Palmer at Goldwin + he just might get me a job – yes he might. Good to see him. Over to Desilu Gower + met Mike Rosen who casts for “Love American Style.” Then down the hall to Jim Merrick + Miracle of all miracles I got a job then + there (tiny) on “The Immortal” – Had to read two lines for the director but okay (I told him there wasn’t enough to screw up) Shoots Friday, the 12th. Delighted to have a new credit. Leon may have picked up a few other jobs en route for Buck Holland + Murray McLeod. My feet in new shoes killing me. Got Leon back to the office, gave Dorothy all particulars + went to airport. Turned in car – had supper + left. Home at 8:50. Dick there. Went to Cecil’s Palace + got filled in on the latest. Murray + Marty Lerit undersold another pool by $1250. I just don’t understand. I’m going to talk to Murray tomorrow. It was a “referral” from Highlander who got a pool cheap so they “had” to take it. Like the “Luck of the Netherlands chain letter – We’ll be referred right down the tubes. Leon’s gift to Dick a beautiful pen with a watch on it! Dick pleased about my job. Marlene Snyder a big success at office So that at least is good Oh dear Shirley out of town now for 4 days.