A funny day – really. Called Doug Mempa (it had to be the 5th time + got a girl who told me “He told me to tell you if you called again that he’s fed up with this town + has gone to Boston.” It really bugged me after I’d made the big pitch for him at Hoffmeister. Also felt I’d personally hounded him out of town. Tried Mrs. Johnson + phone was answered “Operation Independence” – There’s a Headstart tie-in too, Was given a Mrs. Powell + we talked briefly but didn’t get together. That’s a project for Thursday. Funny day at “the office.” – Danny Boren + his Mother first – several burglaries, several car thefts – 15 yrs. old. Going to be a little hard to place (Har, Har sob) Annabel in + we got a little giggly – Mike McShea in w/friend (liked looks of friend) Wants a job as a bus boy or dish washer. Ambition is not his outstanding trait. Mitch Hall – the former narcotics addict came in next to see Annabel + he was definitely the outstanding boy so far. Almost too good to be true. A really beautiful kid. While Annabel was interviewing him a little girl – all braces – looked in the door + asked “Do you get people jobs?” I told her we were trying without much success to get kids jobs who were on probation. Her face fell + I told her to fill out an application anyway. Asked her grades + she said “I got one B” – usual follow up “the rest were D’s or F’s.” Her rest were A’s. takes shorthand – some typing – wants to be a secty. Went over to see Shirley + came back + told the girl, Marlene Snyder to go over + see Mrs. Crumpler. Came back radiant. Has a part-time job!! Our drop-in trade Went to Sahara + got ticket for tomorrow. Played a little 21 + saw Paul Grube who joined me. Ran out of gas en route home. Groceries. Dick upset about money. I talked to Shirley our weakness is in the sales force – called George for hair appt, washed dress. Dick home – long talk. Ed over again with list of pipe Called Tulsa to say we were ready for Daddy anytime – Dinner + bed about 10 o’clock –