Anthony’s B’day.

At 9 o’clock decided to book the suite again but after more of the same + a deep sleep we decided at 12:30 that we’d had enough. It was perfect therapy however. Got outside to discover a really windy day. Went home – Bill Wellborne called as we came in – He sounded almost worse than ever – Is no longer in White Plains – said to write him c/o the V.A. on 24th St??? Very brief talk as he didn’t have the strength. We took the judgement over to the Bank of Las Vegas where they made 2 copies for us + saved one. I hadn’t realized that while we were in litigation the banks hadn’t been loaning us any money on pools. Took another copy over to Jim Schaefer + put 3300 (approx) in the All Star checking acct. (I gave Dick $3000 to put on his loan at the bank of L.V.) We stopped at a few pools. Tony had poured + it was a nice deck – Same with squeeze-crate crew. Went to the office – Shirley had been worried about us. We went to get the bond + were told it would be another hour – Took the judgement over to Dave + left it with the receptionist – the place jammed. Ate at the Hoffbrau + went back to Levitt, Felgar + Briare. Dick got a message there that he, Murray + I had to all sign the bond by 5 o’clock or the restraining order was back on – we got down there at 4:52. Murray shortly after it was just one more muddle + not true. Mel Close had a counter suit against John which we signed + got filed – asking for a judgement against him for $2000 – legal fees. The Bond must be signed by a judge + will be posted tomorrow. Hectic. Paul Young’s wife threw him out of the house + he was without a car so we loaned him the V.W. Ed Kulick over for a few drinks + to ask Dick for a deal on sprinkler pipe. High spot – Paul Young mournfully – “she didn’t even throw out the clothes that fit me” (she’d tossed all his stuff on the lawn.) Liza called – We went to bed about 10 o’clock – exhausted.