Slept most of the day after being brought home – There had been a flash flood + hail storm – I read a little on waking – Dick had gone out to try + find Marie to run the store in place of Tom Cooke. Went to airport + was told she was in L.A. – went over to Laura’s to get the LA. Phone no. + had to crawl thru the doggy door (a 10 minute operation with Herman licking his face.) (Laura in Hawaii. When he came home we napped a bit more – By now I was feeling really sickly remorseful. Dick decided we should go to the Tropicana Golf Club motel in a pool suite. There was one available so off we went. Stopped at Frank’s bar + saw Jerry – (almost 8 months now.) Bought a half pint of vodka + some ice + grapefruit juice. Our suite very posh. The pool water really hot which was a blow but probably the best thing for us. The bed had a vibrator in it so we steamed + vibrated + made love + slept + around again all night. Dick went out for flapjacks about four – then back to sleep + so on. We’d left the number with the service but nobody called –