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J+J’s anniversary

Morning of phone calls – called Newcomb who’d just heard from Daddy that he’s arriving in Tulsa on Tuesday – Told him our good news. Called Wendy + got number for Transportation Unltd. Called Annabel after setting up 2 appts for Tuesday – Danny Boren + Mike McShea – John Barnett working. Called Randy Doran who has a broken nose. Called Leon + am going to L.A.Wednesday for the day to see Ed Hartman + Virginia Martindale. Cleaned up the dishes etc + then went to the Landmark where by playing very sestematically I won $185 – Came home with a few groceries + took a long nap – about 3 hours. Dick not home til after 6 – worked all day. Betty Isom came over for a visit while we waited for Jack + Joyce. Dick fixed strong drinks + I was drunk by the time we went to the Landmark in a cab – thank God. Barely remember the dinner – gambled afterward – J+J left first + then Dick. I lost about $300 – or a large part of what I’d won these last few days. Went to the Hacienda + came out even there. Drunk, Drunk, drunk. Took a cab home – then was sure he was taking me in the wrong direction so made him let me out at a service station. Ended up being brought home in tears by a sheriff’s deputy + can only thank God that I wasn’t taken to jail instead. I was really lucky + that’s all there is to it –