We won the decision

Wrote Anthony a birthday card. Wendy over at 7:15 with the L.T.D. + we talked for a bit – then I took her home and did the grocery shopping. Went to bank + deposited $200 + then to the Bank of Nevada to get the payroll checks. The $5,000 had not arrived! Called Shirley – got all upset. Glen a help + put in a call to Julia for me. Julia out to lunch. Came home + got very weepy. So tired of all this. Called Julia – the money had been sent Weds. afternoon to the Decatur Vegas Branch! Called Glen + told him to go ahead with the checks. Got over there 11:20 – Was down at the office with the payroll at noon. I wrote Dale Alexander’s name on Denny Anika’s check (small difference of $109.00 Had to go next door + get another. A nervous wreck. Ate at Lum’s with Dick – Joined by Bill + Dale + Denny + new guy, Frank Masur. Dale DuBose left today – Bill Muir delighted with new set up. Went + bought a wading pool + a fish for Sheldon Muir age 2 today. Dick + I took it to bar to Bill – Where at 3:00 – Shirley came jumping in to say “We won, We won, we won” – Dick had been appointed Receiver in sole charge of the moneys etc. A bond has to be posted – Can’t be done til Monday but then we’re back to Normal (can it be?) Francis Butterfield said to Dick something about “reorganization – if you know what I mean” – Dick was sure she meant Mel – but she meant more – (Alice told me on pain of death,) We stopped by to see Alice + Clesse. Then home + fixed dinner + while it was cooking over to J + J’s – (I think the grand children are cute) We called Leon + I have a job on the 22nd of June They want to see me before. Have to find out when Daddy’s coming. We won but we’re both still numb –