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Colby’s B’day

Crazy day – up early + went to Breakfast at the Blvd. Sat at the “Celebrity Table” with Annabel Saw Alice + Cathleen + Elaine from afar. I talked about the need for jobs – Eddie Hall gave me his number – I’m going to be on his show. Dorothy Beagle is going out of town, Oh Lud – Left the Blvd + went over to the Landmark tower – Had called Colby early today + she gave me some numbers for Keno. I played from 11 – 4:20 – 21 and keno. Won $285.00 [crossed out letters] clear. Was tipping the guys who emptied ashtrays $5 + the dealers + the keno girl. Only won $24 on a $1.20 ticket and 2 or 3 times won $1.20 on a 60¢ ticket. All the luck was at 21. Went to the office found Dick + Bill Muir next door in the bar. Gave Dick a nice crispy $100 bill – whee. We went over to see a job on West Charleston + then went to the Valley bar for a few drinks. Talked with Owen Goodwin about job possibilities. Came home was tight as a tick. Called John Philpot in Shrevesport Louisiana at an ad agency. He’d called for more info about Dick for the Masterpool magazine. Luckily he wasn’t there it was 10:30 pm (8:30 here) talked with some girl who was working late + told her we were calling before we passed out – beautiful – with a wife like me who needs an enemy. Leon called to say everything [crossed out word] is going to come out right tomorrow. As he hadn’t known that’s when the decision was due it was a little uncanny.